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Split Screen

The Split Screen feature lets you place more than one chart pane on a single screen. This allows you to apply individual analysis tools and adjust the settings of each chart individually.

This feature is available regardless of whether you are in the Page Monitor or Windows mode.

Select Split Screens when Creating New Chart

To access this feature, select the Split Screens button  from the New Chart dialog. This will launch the Screen Layout selection window:


Select the configuration that you wish to apply, it will have a blue border, and click OK. The chart pane will appear in the format that you have selected, with all of the panels empty.

To populate the split screen, click on one of the panes. The same New Chart dialog appears as if you were creating a standalone new chart. You can select the symbol and the chart type that you wish to view in each panel.

Using the Split Screen

As you can see, the icons for the cross-hair, data window, drawing tools and indicators are available within this feature, allowing you to apply individual analysis tools to each chart.


In this way, you can compare the performance of different instruments, or compare one security over different periods of time, or look at different chart types for the one chart.

Note - Click on a panel to apply indicators or tools to that panel. A blue outline indicates that the panel is active.

Split Screens Function Bar

Split Screens have their own Function Bar:


To apply a tool from the Function Bar, first click on an individual chart and a blue highlight box will appear around it.

Now you can apply Drawing Tools, Hi-Lites and Indicators to that chart.

For more information, go to the Split Screen Function Bar help topic.

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