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Time Swing Chart

smlswing1.gifThe Time Swing Chart provides a charting form designed to remove ‘noise' from a bar chart.

Time swings use a time filter and will only show swings for reactions that are equal or greater in time than the number of intervals chosen by the user to be applied to 'Time Swing' Chart.

The Smarter Starter Pack ABC methodology relies on the One-Day Swing Chart, for more information please refer to pages 77-83 of the Smarter Starter Pack manual (3rd Edition).

Swing charts will be calculated on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. basis when the underlying interval of the chart is changed.

Multi-Interval Swing Charts

In addition to changing the interval type, swing charts can be constructed using multiple intervals. Multi-interval time swing charts are created by changing the Time Period parameter in the Swing Charts Properties dialog box.

This number indicates the number of trading periods (intervals) that must satisfy the swing chart construction criteria before a change in direction is registered. A number of different settings can affect the calculation, including Gann's Exception Rule.

For more information, refer to pages 59-65 of the No. 1 Trading Plan (3rd Edition)

Swing Chart Properties

Each chart type has its own chart properties dialog box from which its display properties can be altered by the user.

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