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Point Swing Chart


Point Swing Charts provide a filter to the one-day swing chart. Just as the one-day swing chart is our first filter applied to the bar chart to remove ‘noise'.

Point Swing Charts are often referred to as X-Point Swing Charts. The value of ‘X' is derived by finding the average daily swing size over a sample period. By setting the value of the X-point swing slightly in excess of this average swing size - it will in turn filter out daily swings less than average size.

For example, while a market was continuing to rally you would continue moving the ‘X' point chart upward until you have a reaction of ‘X' or greater on the daily swing chart.

By filtering out less than average swings on the daily chart, Point Swing Charts can provide a clearer insight into the direction of the main trend.

Swing Chart Properties

Each chart type has its own chart properties dialog box from which its display properties can be altered by the user.

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