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CandleStick Chart

smlcndlstk.gifCandlesticks are shown as a small vertical box that sits between the open and close for the day. This is extended with a small vertical wick up to the high and down to the low.

Usually the candlestick body is filled in when the price closes down from its open, and left as an outline when the price closes up.

Candlestick Chart Properties

Each chart type has its own chart properties dialog box from which its display properties can be altered by the user.

Price Movement Color Code

Your SOFTWARE allows users to color code the candlesticks to give an indication of price trend direction.

From the chart properties dialog box, select different colors for up and down, and choose the trigger for the color change.

There are two choices: Close in Relation to Open (intraday comparison), and Close in Relation to Previous Close (comparison of current with previous sessions).

The default colors are green for up, and red for down. Users can define their own color scheme.

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