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Line Chart


This is the simplest chart and consists of a continuous line that connects each closing price across every day in the chart.

The exact appearance of the chart will vary depending on which data type is used to plot it.

Select data type

Each symbol's price data is composed of a number of different types of data fields that supply different data for each interval. These data fields, or data types, can include such details as price at last close, price at the market's open, high price of interval, low price of interval, volume of trades, etc.

Line charts can be constructed from only one of a number of data types at one time.

The user selects the type from the Data Field drop-down box.

When changing an existing chart type to Line, the following dialog box appears:


Select the Data Field type from the drop-down menu and click OK to plot the new Line chart.

For existing line charts, the Data Field type can be changed using a similar drop-down menu located in the Parameters tabbed page of the line chart's Series Properties dialog box.

The default data type can be altered using the Defaults button of the Properties dialog.

Line Chart Properties

Each chart type has its own chart properties dialog box from which its display properties can be altered by the user.

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