Chart Types

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Chart Types

The following chart types are available within Your SOFTWARE.

For information on each, click on the links below.

Switch Chart Type

The chart type currently displayed can be quickly changed using the Chart Type submenu of the chart series' pop-up menu.

Single right mouse-click on the chart series to display the popup menu:


The currently applied chart type will be slightly grayed out.

Select the new chart type and single left mouse click to apply it to the chart. The data remains the same, but the presentation is altered.

Saving Chart Type Changes

Changing the chart type in itself will not cause the save icon butn_save.gif to become enabled, nor will the Save Prompt appear when you close the page or exit Your SOFTWARE.

If however, changes other than a chart type change are made, for example a drawing tool is added, or the zoom tool is applied, the save features will become enabled and all of the changes, including the chart type change, can be saved.

It is assumed that users will not want to save chart type changes alone. Often chart type changes are used to provide a temporary change in perspective, for example temporarily switching from a bar chart to a line chart or point and figure chart display to analyze a particular price movement using a slightly different format. Normally users would not like to save this change from their default chart type.

Setting a Chart Type as the Default

If you find that you always prefer a different chart type, the next time you create a new chart use the Save as Default setting in the New Chart properties dialog to set a different chart type as the default for all new charts that you create in Your SOFTWARE.

In the New Chart properties dialog commands, select the chart type that you want as the new default from the Chart Type drop down list:


Then check the Save as Default check-box and click OK to create a new chart using the new default.

All new charts will be created using the new default Chart Type.

This new default chart type will be applied both to charts created using the New Chart dialog box as well as charts created using the create chart icon icon_chartoff.gif found throughout Your SOFTWARE.

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