Results Display

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Results Display

On the left are four small screens, starting from the top left and going in a clockwise direction they are:

Forecast Earnings Per Share - Dividends Discount

A graph showing two bars for future years (up to the number of years selected in the of Years to Forecast text box) will display.

The blue bar indicates the EPS future value, i.e. the fair value calculated for the year indicated in the future.


The red bar indicates the present value, this is the future value displayed as a blue bar with an appropriate discount rate applied, i.e. the value to the investor today of the stock at its future fair value price.

Forecast Dividends Per Share - Dividends Discount

This graph is similar to the previous future/discounted EPS display, except that it uses Dividends Per Share (DPS) instead of Earnings Per Share (EPS).


Price Chart with Value Zone Indicated

The Value Zone pane contains a price chart for the stock as well as a horizontal shaded band (slightly darker blue) indicating the range of current Fair Value prices generated by all of the calculators:


A green line representing the Average Fair Value prices for all calculators is also plotted in the Value Zone. The average amount and current date will display immediately above it.

When an Expert is selected from the Calculator Selection list on the left, a yellow line is plotted on the ValueZone graph showing the Fair Value of that currently selected expert's valuation and the expert's name and price level is displayed immediately above the line.

Forecast Earnings - Earnings and Dividends

This is really just a table containing the data for both the EPS and DPS graphs displayed above, for the number of years selected in the of Years to Forecast text box.


Previous years are displayed in white, future years are displayed in blue.

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