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Foreign Exchange Calculator

The FX Calculator is contained in a floating window.

It has a Master Data area where common information is entered, and five tabbed pages are where specific calculations are performed and results displayed.


The Master Data section of the dialog box contains data entry boxes that apply to the account or trade that the specific calculations will apply to:

Primary Account Currency

The Primary Account Currency is the currency that the trading account is held in and is the currency that each calculation's final result will be converted into.

Often the calculations are first required to be performed using the Base and Quote currencies, the results of that calculation must then be converted into the Primary Account Currency, if it is different from either the base or quote currencies.

Once selected the currency pair will determine the population of the Base to Primary and Quote to Primary Rates.

Currency Pairs

Select the Currency Pair that the transaction will use from the drop down menu.

The Currency Pair does not need to include the Primary Account Currency type.

The first currency is the Base currency, the second currency is the Quote, or Counter, currency.

Base to Primary Rate

This is the rate used to convert results from the Base currency to the Primary currency.

Quote to Primary Rate

This is the rate used to convert results from the Quote currency to the Primary currency.

Date of most recent Data

The Last Currency Rate Date shows the date of the last rate retrieved from the server.

To refresh the data, click the Update button.

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