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Broking is fundamental to trade execution.

Your SOFTWARE can be configured to link directly to an external Brokerage account that will allow users to place Buy and Sell orders directly into a market. This feature provides a seamless integration between finding and analysing high probability trades through to direct trade execution. 

The Broking tools available are: Buy, Sell, Broker Account View and Broker Account Configuration.

To access broking, click on the Broking icon on the tool bar and choose the required feature from the drop down menu:



The Buy feature allows users to place Buy orders directly through the chosen linked Broker Account.

For more information, go to the Buy topic.


The Sell feature allows users to place Sell orders directly through the chosen linked Broker Account.

For more information, go to the Sell topic.

Broker Account View

The Broker Account View lets users see various Account and Transaction details associated with their Broker Trading Account. Once a link to a Broker Account is established, all the relevant trading activity and account balances can be viewed through this screen. This can be a useful summary which doesn’t require the user to login to their separate Broker account.

For more information, go to the Broker Account View topic.

Broker Account Configuration

The Broker Account Configuration is used to setup the required Broker to link with the software. Users will require their Trading Account details provided by the relevant broker in this setup process.

For more information, go to the Broker Account Configuration topic.

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