Edit a Current Alert

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Edit Current Alert

To adjust an existing alert's parameters, select the alert and click the Edit button in the function bar.

The Edit Alert dialog box will appear


Change Symbol

From this dialog you can change the symbol associated with the alert, and apply the parameters of that alert to another security.

In this way you can reapply the current alert to many different symbols.

Alter the Alert definition

To change the underlying definition of the alert, click the Parameters button to adjust the alert's settings. The dialog box which opens depends on the parameters selected when the alert was originally created. See Adding a New Alert.

Set Alert's Status

Click on the Active checkbox to move the alert's status between Active and InActive.

The Alert Status indicates whether the particular alert will be compared to current data when Check for New Alerts command is applied.

If the status is InActive, the inactive alert remains in your list of alerts, but  the current data for the symbol will not be retrieved and the alert will not be checked or triggered during an alert check.

Delete Alerts

Delete alerts by first selecting an Alert in the list of current alerts, then click Remove Selected Alert command from the command area.

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