Current Alerts

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Current Alerts

The Current Alerts tabbed page displays all your existing alert definitions, as well as the function bar used to create, run, edit and manage the current alerts.

The Current Alerts table identifies the symbol affected by the alert, as well as details of the alert's type and operation.

Each alert can only affect one symbol at a time. However the symbol for each alert can be easily changed using the Edit function.

Alert Status

The Alert Status indicates whether the particular alert will be compared to current data when the Check for New Alerts command is applied.

If the status is InActive, the current data for the symbol will not be retrieved.

The Alert Status is changed between Active and InActive by selecting the Active check box in an alert's Edit Alert dialog box.


If any of the alerts are triggered, their details will be added to this list.

Pop-up Menu

Double right mouse click on an alert to open a pop-up menu for that alert's underlying symbol.

The Edit command will open the Edit Alert dialog box for the selected alert.

The next four commands provide symbol specific information for a selected alert's underlying symbol:

Price Data

Opens the Price Data work page for the selected Alert's symbol.


The command will open the Value Gain feature set's Single Stock Analysis [SSA] function at the Experts Analysis work page.

Opens the Price Data work page for the selected Alert's symbol.

Price Chart

Opens a Price Chart work page for the selected Alert's symbol.


Opens a Detailed Symbol Information window for the selected Alert's symbol.

The Print... function can be used to print the Current Alerts work page.

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