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Hi-Lite Type Settings                                                                  

The Hi-Lite Alert Type has only one alert item: ABC Points.

ABC theory is used in a number of components to identify trading opportunities. All of these components share a common method of calculating the ABC points. They also often share common user settings and filters. For a more detailed discussion of these common ABC parameters, go to the ABC Settings topic in the Trading Plans section of this Help.

The Alerts ABC Hi-Lites' ABC Point Scan Properties dialog box has two tabbed pages: Settings and Filters.

ABC Settings

The ABC Settings determine which ABC grouping will qualify as potentially profitable ABC trades.


The user can set the entry limit, specify a point range and set the number of days for the alert scan to cover for either Long or Short ABC patterns.

ABC Filters

Advanced ABC Filters allow the alert criteria to be further defined:


Save the Type and Item Settings

Click OK to save the settings and return to the Current Alerts tabbed page.

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