Chart Type Settings

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Chart Type Settings

alerts_chartypes.pngThe Chart Type has five Alert Items associated with it.


Double left mouse one of the Alert Items to open its individual parameters box.

The Chart Alert Items use the chart's current price data to create alert parameters which trigger an alert when their conditions are met.

Two different types of parameters dialog boxes are employed.

Simple Entry Dialog example

Gap Up / Down and New High / Low Alert Items use the simple, one variable dialog:


First Value

This time related parameter determines what time period is referenced.


This parameter establishes the relationship between the two parameters.

Second Value

This parameter defines a particular value or fraction of a value for a particular time which is compared with the first value, using the function indicated by the operator.


This is a plain English version of the mathematical equation that the selection of parameters created.

Save the Type and Item Settings

Click OK to save the settings and return to the Current Alerts tabbed page.

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