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Backing up Your SOFTWARE's database is recommended on a regular basis. A backed up database will be important if your computer fails and a rebuild needs to be performed so that your price chart and quote data will not be lost.

Note: Before proceeding, make sure you know the location of Your SOFTWARE's database. To find this location, read the section Find Default Database Location. Once the location of your database is known, make sure you close Your SOFTWARE before proceeding.

Backing Up Software Database

Goto My Computer or Computer.


This will launch the My Computer Window.

Locate your local hard disk drive. On most computers, this is denoted as Local Disk (C:). Double click on the local hard disk drive.


Locate your HUBB software database folder. By default this is HubbIntData. Right- click on the Hubb software database folder and left-click on Copy under the sub menus.


You are now ready to paste the copy of Your SOFTWARE's database folder on any location you nominate as your backup location including computer storage devices.

Right-click on your nominated backup location then left-click Paste under the sub menus.


If the above instructions did not assist you in backing up Your SOFTWARE's database folder refer to your computer manufacturer or IT support.

Data Setup
Your SOFTWARE analyzes markets to help you trade better and provides both Price Data for technical analysis and Fundamental Data for fundamental analysis as well as news and market reports. In order to do this it needs up-to-date, reliable data from a wide range of exchanges, countries and information providers, in a format compatible with Your SOFTWARE.
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