Setting Data Provider to Reuters

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Your SOFTWARE is capable of receiving 20 minute delayed-data during market open hours for the Australian and United States markets through a Reuters 20 minute delayed-data feed.

When prompted, the software will retrieve and display price data for Stocks as of 20 minutes prior to the request action.

Setting the Data Provider as Reuters

Within Your SOFTWARE, click on the Edit menu item located at the top menus.


Then click on the Data Providers menu item from the drop down list.


This will launch the DATA PROVIDERS DIALOG BOX.

Click on HUBB under the DATA PROVIDER column on the target market row, then click Reuters from the drop down selection.


Note: The Reuters data feed is ONLY available for the AUSTRALIAN and UNITED STATES markets.

Click on the Ok button to apply the changes.

Accessing 20 minute delayed-data

Reuters 20 minute delayed-data will become available 20 minutes after market open and will be automatically retrieved
when conducting a Price data on demand.
The Price data on demand is achieved by pressing the butn_go-off.gifbutton in the top left hand corner of the chart.


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