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In cases where a Local Price Database is required (i.e Market Scanning) and the Hubb Client data manager process is unable to be completed, a Historical Data CD containing all data for supported markets may be requested from Technical Support.

Once the CD is received the below process may be followed to institute a Local Price Database.


Historical Data Copy Wizard

Insert the Historical Data CD into your CD drive.

In Your SOFTWARE click on the Tools menu


Then click on Maintenance from the drop-down menu list.
Select the Historical Data Copy Wizard on the sub menu list.


This will launch the Historical Data Copy Wizard.

Select the DVD/CDROM drive where the historical data CD is inserted under the CD Rom Drive drop down box then click the Next button.


Check the markets you want to install then click the Next button.


Note: Be mindful of the hard drive space required to install the historical data CD. Ensure that you have enough hard drive space to install the historical data CD.

Enter the destination of  the Hubb software database. If you want to use the existing Hubb software database, check Overwrite Existing Database then click Next button.


Note: It is better to leave the default destination of the Hubb software database.
You need to check Overwrite Existing Database.

The historical data CD installation will start.


Wait for the installation to complete then you will be asked whether you would like to build data from the last date of the CD. Click an option then click the Next button.


A reminder will be displayed. Read the reminder then click the Next button. Then click the Finish button


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