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User Settings

There are a number of places where you can set the preferences for data that you wish to download and display:

Application Settings – Remote Data

In terms of how your Data-on-Demand service functions, this Application Settings dialog page contains the most important settings.

On this page you set whether you want data to be refreshed each time you open a window (default), by prompt, or not at all, and how many months of historical data should be maintained on your local machine.

Although the default settings are recommended, this dialog page gives the user ultimate control over the data on demand service.

Custom Data-on-Demand

You can change the default setting (36 months) for the amount of data retrieved during a Custom Data-on-Demand request.

Application Settings – Databases

This is where the location of your local Your Software database is defined and maintained.

This is also where you can designate other databases for other third party applications, such as MetaStock™, so that Your SOFTWARE's Hubb data resources can be used by those applications.

Application Settings – Servers

This page provides information on the servers which can supply Your SOFTWARE with data.

Application Settings – Connection

This has the setting for your internet connection, access these settings to change your Internet Service Provider (ISP), or to change between dial-up services and cable.

Settings changed by Technical Support

Some settings require that your data account with your Data Provider be altered. This can only be done by the Data Provider's Technical Support personnel.

Daily Download Price Data Packs

In order to receive Daily Download Data Packs, your Hubb data account must be altered. Contact Technical Support to request this change.

You can then create local databases from Data Packs, using either Hubb or MetaStock™ data formats, and populate them with historical price data using the Historical Data Copy Wizard.

Thereafter you will download the Price Data Packs to update those databases each time you run the Update Manager.

About Data
The About Data section aims to provide you with an understanding of the types of Data you may access through the Hubb Software and the different methods that may be used to access and maintain them.
Data Setup
Your SOFTWARE analyzes markets to help you trade better and provides both Price Data for technical analysis and Fundamental Data for fundamental analysis as well as news and market reports. In order to do this it needs up-to-date, reliable data from a wide range of exchanges, countries and information providers, in a format compatible with Your SOFTWARE.
Data Maintenance
This section contains information and guides on all aspects of maintaining your Hubb Software's Database.
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