Monitoring Data Services

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There are a number of locations in Your SOFTWARE at which you can monitor the data services processes:

Remote Action Monitor - Shared Utility

The Remote Action Monitor indicates when a data communications transaction is taking place.

It is located at the bottom of the Page Monitor bar.

When no data communications are taking place, the monitor icon is gray. When data communications are in progress the monitor icon becomes animated with arrows, broadcast beams and a blue button:

For more information, go to the Remote Action Monitor help topic.

Remote Action Access Panel - Shared Utility

The Remote Action Panel lets you view all of the requests for data that you have made for the current session.

The Access Panel is located immediately above the Remote Action Monitor in the Page Monitor bar.

Select Remote Action from the Access Panel's drop-down menu to view limited details of the current, and most recent, data communications.

For more information, go to the Remote Action Access Panel help topic.

Remote Action Window - Shared Utility

The Remote Action Window is a small window in the access panel.

It contains details of all the data retrieval requests and responses.

It uses color coding to indicate the status and outcome of your request. When a data request is pending, a small gear turns in its title bar to indicate that the request is being processed.

For more information, go to the Remote Action Window help topic.

Price Data - Shared Utility

The Price Data tables present all the downloaded price data in table format for each symbol.

The price data can be edited by the user and saved and displayed. The data update settings may have to be reset in order to preserve these manual changes.

Status Bar - Shared Utility

The status bar also provides information on the internet connection to the server.

Right clicking on the Status Bar will provide additional logged information in a small floating window.

Log Files - Download, Distribution, and Error Logs

These other logs are also available to monitor data services and your internet connection.

Go to the Log Files help topic for more information.


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