Initial Connection and Data Population

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This section describes the data that will be installed on your PC as a result of the initial Installation of the software on your PC.

The connection to the Hubb data server, and the establishment of your data account with Hubb, takes place during the Registration dialog sequence of the Startup Wizard.

For more information, refer to the Product Registration help topic.

After this point in the registration process, the following data will be installed on your PC:


During the Registration process you are prompted to select the Markets that you want to download.

This will determine which symbols are downloaded and stored on your PC in full market groups.

Symbols are the reference tool by which Your SOFTWARE retrieves both price and fundamental data from the remote server. If you do not have the symbols for a market on your PC, you will not be able to retrieve data for those securities even though Your SOFTWARE indicates that the markets are available.

Symbols for equities are added to your machine in Market sized groups. Futures symbols from all supported markets in the world are added when World Futures is checked. Check the markets, and the Futures checkbox, to download the array of symbols that you are likely to be trading or analyzing.

The initial registration update will install all of the symbols for the selected markets and/or futures onto your PC. They can now be used by Your SOFTWARE to retrieve price data.

You can later change the markets for which you have retrieved symbols, or add the symbols for new markets as they become available, using the Symbols Maintenance Wizard.

System Data

All system data, such as default interest rates, currencies and cross rates, as well as market data relating to the markets selected previously, will be downloaded.

This system data will be kept up to date by the Update Manager.

Price Data

Your SOFTWARE's is set to download 3 years worth of price data for any chart the first time that chart is viewed.

The price data will subsequently be updated on a Data-on-Demand basis.

If more than 3 years worth of data is required then this may be obtained via either an Custom Data On Demand or instituting a Local Database which contains all available data for any supported exchange.
This may be achieved through running the Hubb Client Data Manager to download and configure a Local Price Database.

About Data
The About Data section aims to provide you with an understanding of the types of Data you may access through the Hubb Software and the different methods that may be used to access and maintain them.
Data Setup
Your SOFTWARE analyzes markets to help you trade better and provides both Price Data for technical analysis and Fundamental Data for fundamental analysis as well as news and market reports. In order to do this it needs up-to-date, reliable data from a wide range of exchanges, countries and information providers, in a format compatible with Your SOFTWARE.
Data Maintenance
This section contains information and guides on all aspects of maintaining your Hubb Software's Database.
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