Local Price Database

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A Local Price Database is a repository of historical data for a variety of instruments on supported markets within the Hubb Software, optimized and stored on a users computer.

Note: If you are not intending to run Market Scans then the software will automatically populate your charts with a default of 3 Years worth of Price data of any chart you open. If more than 3 years worth of data is required then this may be obtained via either a Custom Data on Demand or changing the default amount of data requested within the Remote Data window

Historical data in your Local Price Database is comprised of the Open, High, Low, Close & Volume data for any supported instrument on a given market and is stored in a proprietary format on a users hard drive.

By default the database location will be C:\HubbIntData**, where ** indicates the prefix of your installed software.

For example for Profitsource this would be PS and for Integrated Investor this would be II.Edit section

Users wishing to run Market Scans in their software will require a local Historical Database installed on their computer.
A Historical database contains all available data for supported markets and is instituted by Installing Hubb Historical Data.

In order to maintain the local price database daily data packs will need to be acquired from the Hubb servers via the Update Manager tool.


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