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Your SOFTWARE requires up-to-date Fundamental Data for its ValueGain features set to function.

Fundamental data is described in the Data Types topic.

Because of its generally larger size, fundamental data is retrieved and stored in a slightly different manner to price data.

The Start Page, Calculators and Single Stock Analysis (SSA) pages have the Fundamental DoD Refresh button:


The Fundamental DoD Refresh button combines DoD with custom download functionality.

Note - At this stage, Your SOFTWARE only provides Fundamental Data for the United States and Australian exchanges only.

Fundamental DoD Refresh

When the DoD Refresh buttonbutn_go-off.gifis selected, the local fundamental database will be queried to see if data for the stock exists.

No Existing Local Fundamental Data

If there is no data for the stock, the default amount of fundamental data for that stock will be downloaded and inserted into the database.

Existing, Out-of-Date Fundamental Data

If data currently exists for the stock, all new fundamental data since the last date of data will be downloaded and the data for that stock will be “topped up”.

Fundamental Custom Data Retrieval

Regardless of whether there is data for the stock on the database or not, users can perform a Custom Data Download using the two commands in the drop down menu.

Either of these commands will retrieve all the data for the period indicated, and over-write the current fundamental data for that stock on the local database.

The first command retrieves Fundamental data for the default time period. Click on Custom to download a different range of data.

The default time period can be changed from the Custom dialog box.

Fundamental Data Download and Distribution

The progress of the fundamental data request and download will be indicated in the Remote Action Monitor:


After download the fundamental data must be decompressed and distributed to the fundamental database.

While this process is taking place the following message will appear:


This message window will close when the process is complete.

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