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This shows you how to Backup all the user files associated within Your SOFTWARE.

The user files included in the backup are Quotes, Charts, Scans, Portfolios, Alerts, Wall Chart Settings, Log Files, Download Files, Application Settings, Chart Defaults and Option Defaults.

Backing Up Software User Files

Note : Ensure that all windows are closed by going to File and selecting the Close all option.

Within Your SOFTWARE, click on the Tools menu item located at the top menus.


Then click on the Backup / Restore Wizard menu item from the drop down list.


Note : If you encounter a software dialog box, read the reminder and then click the YES button to continue.


Select Process

To select a new backup, click 1. Create a New Backup then click the Next button.


Note : If you encounter a software dialog box, read the reminder and then click the YES button to continue.

Creating a New Backup

Select File Types

When creating a New Backup, you will be presented with the following screen:

Check all the checkboxes you wish to backup and then click the Next button.


By default, all of the features are checked.

To remove an item from the backup, click on the checkbox to deselect the item.


Quote Pages Any Quote Pages you have created
Chart Pages Any Chart Pages you have created
Scans Any Scans you have created including Scan Results
Portfolios/Strategies All your Portfolio Database Files, including Transactions and Accounts
Alerts All current alert settings
Wall Chart Print Setups All saved wall chart print setups
Log Files Log Files created during Download and Distribution
Download Files Downloaded Data Files
Application Settings User settings made in any of the Application Settings dialogs
Chart Defaults Default settings the user has created and saved
Option Defaults Default settings the user has created and saved for options

Select the files you wish to backup and click on the Next button.

Location for Backup File

Then enter the Name and Location of the backup within their respective input boxes and then click the Next button.



If you are transferring the backup to an external hard drive then you will need to plug the external hard drive into your computer's USB port
and ensure that the correct drive is selected within the Location for this backup section.


If the folder you have specified does not exist, then you will be prompted to create it:


Select a location and click on the Yes button in order to create the folder.

Run Backup

The backup procedure will start. Wait for the backup to complete and then click the Finish button to complete the process.


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