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The Backup and Restore  feature is useful when transferring all your user files from one computer to another. This may happen when you upgrade your computer and wish to install a new version of Your SOFTWARE to the new machine with all your existing user files and settings.

The Backup process is also useful for saving all your important user files and settings. It is also good practise to regularly backup your user files, just in case there is a problem with your computer and you need to restore your user files in the future.

The User files available for Backup and Restore consist of the following:

Your SOFTWARE has 2 powerful built in Wizards to perform all user file Backups and Restores

Backing Up and Restoring User Files

This guide will assist you with backing up and restoring all the user files from your current computer to a new target computer.

  1. Backup Your SOFTWARE's user files into a target location. For more specific details, go to the Backup Software topic.
  2. Transport the backup files to the target computer into the target location. Make sure you transport the whole backup folder which usually consists of HLF and ZIP files.
  3. Restore Your SOFTWARE's user files from the target location on the new computer. For more specific details go to the Restore Software topic.


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