Software Upgrade

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Your software is subject to periodic upgrades aimed at improving or adding to its functionality.

These product upgrades are free of charge for current software users and your software will prompt you when they become available.


Note: All files and settings will be retained. There is no need to Backup and Restore your files and settings.


The latest version of the software is 5.3.1
The release notes for version 5.3.1 are available via the Upgrades and Release notes page of your Support Center.


Download Upgrade File

Once you have selected to proceed with the upgrade you will see a dialog advising of the file size



Upon selecting to update the progress bar will indicate the download speed and approximate time remaining.




Download complete

When the file download is completed, Your SOFTWARE will display the following message:



Install the Software Upgrade

The next time Your SOFTWARE is started, the following dialog box will appear, advising that a new version of Your SOFTWARE is about to be installed:



The first of four installation dialog boxes will appear in the center of the screen.

Installation Dialog Sequence


The first dialog is the Welcome message, press Next to go to the Start Installation dialog page.


The entire Software License Agreement is contained in the scrollable window. 

Scroll through and read the entire agreement.

If you accept its terms, click Accept to proceed to the next stage of the installation.

Start Installation

The start page confirms that you want to proceed with the installation. Click Next to begin the installation.


The Installing dialog will open. It contains two progress indicators showing the progress of each file's installation, and the progress of all files. An approximate time remaining is also displayed.

Installation Complete

When the installation is finished the Installation Complete dialog displays. Click Run to start the new version of Integrated Investor, or Finish to leave the installation sequence.

Run the Upgraded Software

Either start the newly upgraded software using the Run button in the last dialog, or exit the installation sequence and later start Your SOFTWARE in the normal manner.

All of Your SOFTWARE's desktop icons, shortcuts and start menu commands will function as previously.

All files and settings will be retained. There is no need to backup and restore your files and settings.

Software Installation
Software upgrades are performed when there are new versions of Your SOFTWARE available for download. There are two ways in which Your SOFTWARE can be upgraded: When a newer version of Your SOFTWARE is available. This will automatically be made available when you open Your SOFTWARE. See the section, Software upgrade You can manually download the latest software version from the Support Center icon within Your SOFTWARE. See the section, Manual Software Upgrade


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