Release Notes

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Release notes are included with each software upgrade. They explain what changes, enhancements or additions have been made to Your SOFTWARE. 

Accessing Release Notes

Release notes are located in the Support Center as shown below.


Once the Support Center opens, click on Upgrades & Release Notes.


Here you can select the Release Notes for the current or previous versions of Your SOFTWARE.

Note also that Upgrade files and updated Quote Lists can also be accessed via the page. Quote Lists are typically updated quarterly.

To update a Quote List, just click on the particular quote list in the Download Quotes section and follow the on screen instructions.


An example of what the Release Notes will look like is shown below.


Software upgrades are performed when there are new versions of Your SOFTWARE available for download. There are two ways in which Your SOFTWARE can be upgraded: When a newer version of Your SOFTWARE is available. This will automatically be made available when you open Your SOFTWARE. See the section, Software upgrade You can manually download the latest software version from the Support Center icon within Your SOFTWARE. See the section, Manual Software Upgrade


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