Manual Software Upgrade

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Upgrading via the Support Center

Whilst the software will prompt you to download any upgrades that are available for your software automatically, you may also download the latest software version via the Upgrades and Release notes section of the Support Center within your software.


Downloading the upgrade file

Once you are on the Upgrades and Release notes page, Click on the Download Software* version 5.3 link to begin the download:


Save the upgrade file to your desktop for easy retrieval



Running the upgrade file

Once the download has complete, close your software and navigate to your desktop.
Double click on the Software upgrade file to begin the installation process.

Your installation process should then begin:



After a moment you will be greeted with the Upgrade Wizard.

Simply step through the Upgrade wizard prompts and you should see the software installation progress update

Once this process completes the Wizard should advise that the installation was successful at which point you may choose to Run the software.







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