Complete Software Uninstallation

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The below guide will walk you through uninstalling your software.

Note: Your Hubb software user license allows 2 copies of Your SOFTWARE to run on two separate machines. See the section Software License for more details.

Uninstalling / Removing Software


1. Click on START

 windows_7start.png or Start.PNG

2. Then click on CONTROL PANEL or SETTINGS

 windows_7controlpanel.png or In start menu.png



 windows_7uninstall.png or  System.png

Note: Users on Windows 10 must now select Apps & Features

4. Locate your HUBB Software in the list of programs that populates and select Uninstall

Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall Your SOFTWARE from your computer.

Note : After uninstalling Your SOFTWARE, we recommend that you restart your computer.

Uninstalling Software
Uninstalling Your SOFTWARE will generally be required when you upgrade your computer and wish to re-install Your SOFTWARE onto the new computer. The following section describes how to: Uninstall then re-install Your SOFTWARE from your old computer to a new computer, Completely uninstall Your SOFTWARE from your computer.
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