Software Uninstall and Reinstall

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A complete software uninstall/reinstall is required when you upgrade your computer and wish to transfer Your SOFTWARE from an old machine to the new machine.

This guide will assist you on backing up Your SOFTWARE's files and default database, uninstall Your SOFTWARE, then re-install Your SOFTWARE on to a new target computer then restore Your SOFTWARE's database and software files.

Uninstalling and Reinstalling Software

Uninstalling and reinstalling Your SOFTWARE involves a number of sequential steps that are described as follows:

  1. Backup Your SOFTWARE custom content. This includes all your user files such as charts, quote lists, market scans, trading systems, etc. Backing Up Hubb Software
  2. Determine the location of Your SOFTWARE's default database. Default Database Location
  3. Backup Your SOFTWARE's default database. The default database stores you downloaded data for the markets you are subscribed to. Backup Default Database
  4. Uninstall Your SOFTWARE from the old computer: Uninstalling Hubb Software
  5. Install Your SOFTWARE on the new computer: Installing Hubb Software
  6. Re-register Your SOFTWARE on the new computer: Registering Hubb Software
  7. Transport Your SOFTWARE's backup file (the full folder of Your SOFTWARE's file backup consists of HLF and ZIP files) and Your SOFTWARE's default database backup (copy of the HUBB INT data folder) to the new computer.
  8. Paste Your SOFTWARE's database backup (copy of the HUBB INT data folder) directly into the same location on the new computer.
  9. Restore Your SOFTWARE's backup file: Restoring Backup File 
Software Installation
Uninstalling Software
Uninstalling Your SOFTWARE will generally be required when you upgrade your computer and wish to re-install Your SOFTWARE onto the new computer. The following section describes how to: Uninstall then re-install Your SOFTWARE from your old computer to a new computer, Completely uninstall Your SOFTWARE from your computer.


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