About Your Software

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The Help menu contains the link to the About display.


Click on About to open the About Your SOFTWARE page.

From the About display, you can access the Systems Information dialog box.

About Your Software

The About page contains important information about the Version of the software and Copyright information.

It also has a hyperlink to Your SOFTWARE's website and an email link to sales and technical support.


Click OK to close the About Your SOFTWARE page.

Click System Info to open the system information page, see next section.

System Information

The system information display (provided by the Windows operating system) can give you extensive, detailed information about your computer and how it is set up.

The System Information dialog is divided into a list of components on the left, with details of those components on the right, and a search facility at the bottom:


Using the Search Function

Type in the item you want to find into the Find What text box, set the search parameters using the check-boxes and click Find to begin the search.

This facility can be very useful when contacting technical support regarding Your SOFTWARE.


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