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Registration - Start Up Wizard

After installation of the software, run Your SOFTWARE.

Your SOFTWARE will not function unless you have a current data account with HUBB and have copied the current databases to your PC.

If Your SOFTWARE detects that you have not yet registered, shortly after starting the first of a series of Start Up Wizard dialog boxes will appear. They are explained below, in the sequence in which they appear.

Note - At any time during the registration process, you may select the Cancel button to terminate the installation without any effect to your PC.

How To Reset Your Serial number

In accordance with the Hubb Software License, The Hubb Software can to be installed on a maximum of TWO computers.  If you need to install the software again (e.g. you have a new computer) you will need to reset the serial number prior to installation. You may achieve this via your MySoftware page.

If you navigate to and select the My HUBB page and login you should see the MySoftware page that contains all relevant info including guides for installation within that page.

Your username is your email address, if you do not remember your password you can click on the tell me my password link to have it sent to you.


Please click the “More” button next to the corresponding installation file.

You will then be presented with a screen with an option to ‘Reset Serial Number’ – click on this option.


You will then be presented with a screen advising that your Serial has been Reset.


Once this process has been completed you may then proceed with the remainder of the Setup process.


Register Serial Number

The next step is to register the Serial Number.

For existing clients, the Serial Number will be recognized and a shorter registration sequence will apply.

For new clients, account details will be required to be entered as well as User Name and password.

Both processes begin from the same Wizard dialog boxes:


psstartupwiz1.gifAdvises the user that Your SOFTWARE must be registered to function.

Click Next to proceed to the next stage of the registration.

Internet Connection Settings

psstartupwiz2.gifEnter your internet connection details to enable Your SOFTWARE to download daily data via the internet.

Modem Connection

Enter the dial up connection details using the Settings dialog box.

LAN Connection

Select Connect to Internet using a Local Area Network to access the internet via a LAN.




Select the details of you LAN connection using the Advanced Connection Settings dialog.

For more details, go to the Connection Settings topic.

Click Next to proceed to the next stage of the registration.

Serial Number

psstartupwiz3.gifEnter the Serial Number you received with Your SOFTWARE.

Click Next to proceed to the next stage of the registration.

Existing Account

The Serial Number will be sent to the HUBB Server. If it is recognized as an existing account-holder, a shortened registration sequence will be followed.

New Account

If the Serial Number cannot be associated with an existing account, details for the new account will have to be entered.


Existing HUBB Account

If you have an existing HUBB account the following dialog boxes will appear in the registration sequence.

Account Details


Enter your existing Login name and click Next.

Your SOFTWARE will send the Login name to the server.

Note - These details are only for the use of HUBB, and are used pursuant to HUBB's privacy policy.

Registration Successful

psstartupwiz5.gifIf the Login matches an existing account it will be displayed in the Registration Successful dialog.

Note that the Password is not returned as this is known only to the user.

Note - If this installation of an existing account is on a PC that has not had Your SOFTWARE installed on it previously, you will now be prompted to install the Database.

Hubb Settings

psstartupwiz6.gifEnter your Password now and confirm it in the second text box.

Auto Download

At this point you can also set a data maintenance function.



Setup Symbol Database

The next part of the sequence will establish and populate the required HUBB Symbol database.

Default HUBB Database

psstartupwiz11.gifSelect a location for the HUBB database. This may be an issue if your PC has limited resources, as the database may in some instances exceed 2 Gigabytes.

You also have the option to Use Existing Database (recommended).

Click Next to proceed to the next stage in the database download process.

Select Markets

psstartupwiz12.gifSelect the markets that you want to download data for into Your SOFTWARE's database.

Select the markets and data types by checking the boxes to the left of each item.

You can later alter these selections using the Symbols Maintenance Wizard.

Click Next to proceed to the next stage of the installation.

Update in Progress

psstartupwiz13.gifDatabase files based on your selections in the previous dialog box will be requested from the HUBB data server and downloaded for installation on your PC at the location previously selected.

While the download and local installation is occurring, the Next button will be disabled.

When the processes are complete the Next button will become activated.

Click Next to view details of the download.

Update Complete

psstartupwiz14.gifThe final dialog advises that the download and database update were successful and advises which markets were added to the local database.

Click Finish to proceed to the next stage of the installation.

You are now ready to run Your SOFTWARE.

Happy Trading!


What's Next

Your SOFTWARE is now ready to use.  The next related page shows you how to upgrade Your SOFTWARE.


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