Software Installation

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Software Installation

Run MS Windows

To start the installation, switch the computer on, with Windows running normally but with all other programs closed.

Internet Connection

The registration and installation process will require a live internet connection.

The internet connection required by Integrated Investor may be an ordinary telephone connection using a modem. This will be satisfactory for using the HUBB end-of-day data service. A broadband connection is recommended for those users opting for real-time or delayed data services.

Download Software

Your SOFTWARE may be downloaded through the My Software page located on the HUBB Website.

Your username is you email address and if you do not know your password you may click on the 'Tell Me My Password' link to have it emailed to you.

Following the download you may simply run the downloaded installation file to start the installation.

After a short delay, the screen will turn dark blue and the first of a series of Software Installation dialog boxes will appear.

Go to the Installation Sequence topic for a full explanation of each of the steps in the software installation.

Registration - Start Up Wizard

After installing Your SOFTWARE, its market data connection must be registered and established. Your SOFTWARE cannot function without registration with the HUBB data provider.

Your SOFTWARE contains an in-built Startup Wizard that guides you through the registration process, it will also establish and initialize your HUBB data account.

The process follows a straightforward sequence, and at the end of the Startup Wizard, Your SOFTWARE will be up and running using fresh market data.

The registration sequence will proceed through a number of dialog boxes. The boxes may provide information, or require you to enter information or make selections.

Before progressing from one dialog box to the next you will have to click the appropriate button at the lower left hand corner of the current dialog box.

You may cancel the process at any time during the installation. The installation program will close and return to the Windows desktop without harming your system or PC.

Go to the Startup Wizard topic for a complete explanation of each step in this process.

Historical Data

If you intend to perform market scans with Your SOFTWARE, you will need to maintain a Historical Database.

Please follow the steps provided in Install Hubb Historical Data to download the most recent data.

This database will allow more rapid download of data-on-demand requests, and allows users to market scan off-line and run Your SOFTWARE off-line.

Software Upgrades - Download and Install

From time to time Your SOFTWARE will be upgraded. All software upgrades will be delivered by the HUBB data server over the internet.

Go to the Software Upgrade topic for more information on downloading and installing Your SOFTWARE upgrades.



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